Wireless Printing

Prints are $0.15/printed page for black & white and $1.00/printed page for color.

How to print from your laptop or device

1. Get your document ready in a known location – maybe your desktop.
2. Open your browser and go to:
3. Select a size and type of print, then enter your email address.
4. Select the file you want to print.
5. Press the GREEN printer button on the lower right. It’ll take a minute to process.
6. To get your prints, go to the 2nd Floor Printer Self-Service Station, click ‘Release a Print Job’ and follow the prompts (or ask the friendly librarian for help).

Or, you can email you document to the printer. There’s a different email address for each size and type of print.

Black-single-sided 8.5×11 :  wpl-wilkinson-public-library-1@printspots.com

Black-two-sided 8.5×11:       wpl-wilkinson-public-library-2@printspots.com

Color-single-sided 8.5×11:   wpl-wilkinson-public-library-3@printspots.com

Color-two-sided 8.5×11:       wpl-wilkinson-public-library-4@printspots.com

Black-single-sided 11×17:    wpl-wilkinson-public-library-5@printspots.com

Color-single-sided 11×17:    wpl-wilkinson-public-library-6@printspots.com