Staff Directory




Sarah Landeryou Director 970-728-4519 x111
Dennis Andrejko Teen Services Specialist 970-728-4519 x113
Gloria Chavira Reference Librarian 970-728-4519 x122
Paula Ciberay Youth Programs Librarian and Programs Manager 970-728-4519 x125
Laura Colbert Community Relations Specialist 970-728-4519 x116
Deb D’Angelo Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x110
Elissa Dickson Adult Programs Specialist 970-728-4519 x147
Sandy Dwight Business Office Assistant / Technical Services Assistant 970-728-4519 x126
Alison Farnham Technical Services Librarian 970-728-4519 x117
Rodd Garoutte Materials Management Assistant 970-728-4519 x132
Andy Helck Technical Support Analyst II 970-728-4519 x121
John Holstrom Materials Management Assistant 970-728-4519 x132
Sharon Lichthardt Finance and HR Director 970-728-4519 x127
Bria Light Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x133
Tracy Lindauer Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x123
Alice Martin Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x110
Maggie McNally Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x143
Emily Nichols Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x123
Jacob O’Brien Maintenance Assistant 970-728-4519 x136
Tiffany Osborne Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x143
Janis Prettitore Service Specialist 970-728-4519 x123
Amy Sieving Technical Services Manager 970-728-4519 x124
Oak Smith Materials Management Supervisor 970-728-4519 x115
Jeanne Stewart Service Specialist/Technical Services Assistant 970-728-4519 x123
Dan Wilson Facilities Manager 970-728-4519 x136
Jill Wilson Public Services Coordinator 970-728-4519 x114